Ink Jet Compatible


Dynic Launch Colour Ink Jet Compatible Care Label Materials


New for 2017, Dynic (UK) Ltd is launching a range of Ink Jet Compatible Textile Care label materials which are suitable for use with the latest pigmented Colour Inkjet Printer systems in the marketplace.


As an established global manufacturer of Care Label materials, Dynic has a long and proud history of developing and supplying high quality care label materials. These materials are suitable for use with a variety of printing systems, including Thermal Transfer Ribbon, Letterpress, Flexopress, Rotary, Lithographic, Screen & Offset printing methods.


Advancements in recent years of colour inkjet systems have allowed major OEM companies to enter this market sector with pigmented ink jet systems competing against Thermal Transfer printers but until now, there has been no solution available for using these printers with textile care label materials.


The new developed Ink Jet Compatible range of care label materials from Dynic specifically offers you the ability to print high resolution, full colour textile care labels, whilst retaining all of the advantages of the on-demand versatility that you would normally only associate with methods such as Thermal Transfer technology.


Designed to work with ‘out of the box’ OEM ink and printer systems, the range of Dynic Ink Jet Compatible materials can provide you with finished textile labels that have wash test and dry cleaning resistance.


As the manufacturer of these new products, Dynic will be able to offer you a range of suitable sizes & format options allowing you the choice of conversion or resell through your established distribution & various sales channels.


The range of Dynic IJC materials are available now